iPhone Screen Repair

Smashed your iPhone screen? No problem. All iPhone screen repairs are done in under and hour using quality parts.

We now offer aftermarket screens for some generations of iPhones. Aftermarket is full 3rd party parts, where as OEM uses an original LCD panel. Aftermarket screens you will sometimes notice slight differences in colors as the LCD is not original. There are many qualities of aftermarket screens, but we always do our best to find the best quality available.

If you would just like your phone to work aftermarket is likely fine for you, if you want it as close to original as possible we would recommend the OEM quality screens. The 6 month warranty is the same for both qualities.

Most stores use aftermarket by default now, or only offer aftermarket screens but we believe having the option for both is for the best.


  • Smashed Screen
  • White bars going vertically down the screen
  • Black blobs on the screen
  • Random colors all over the screen
  • Many other things. Call if you are unsure


  • iPhone 4/4S – $50
  • iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE – $65
  • iPhone 6 Aftermarket – $75
  • iPhone 6 – $100
  • iPhone 6 Plus - $85
  • iPhone 6S Aftermarket - $85
  • iPhone 6S OEM - $110
  • iPhone 6s Plus - $105
  • iPhone 7 Aftermarket Quality-  $100
  • iPhone 7 OEM - $140
  • iPhone 7 Plus Aftermarket Quality- $110
  • iPhone 7 Plus OEM - $150

This repair on any generation of iPhone comes with our 6 month warranty.