We are now offering data recovery for water damaged phones. Because there is no “fix” for actual water damage therefore we do not offer “water damage repair”.

We will attempt to recovery and backup all the data your have stored on your phone. You will only be charged for this, but I will let you know beforehand if the there was very little or no damage to the motherboard and I believe there is a good chance your phone will work fine if something is replaced(a screen for example).

Water damage is different than anything else, it is very random on what may need to be repaired/replaced.  There is always a good chance your phone can work again with a bit of cleaning to the motherboard and possibly a few repairs/new parts.

We cannot guarantee anything with these repairs because of  randomness and wide variety of possible problems but for this reason it will be free of charge if your data cannot be recovered from the phone.

Prices if successful
All iPhones are now $100 if we are able to recover your data.. It doesn’t matter if it is the oldest or newest generation.
Sooner the better!

Get this in to us right away! With water damage it is really important to get it taken care of away and not let the liquid get a chance to sit in!


Do NOT put your phone in rice. It is completely pointless, and your phone coming in wet is better than dry and corroded.