iphone battery replacement

iPhone Battery Replacement

Are you having trouble with a quick dying battery or unreliable battery life reading? You may need a new battery. Batteries tend to start having issues at least a few years after they are purchased with quite a bit of use, but they can also have problems earlier if the phone is used constantly and having to be recharged several times a day.

At Brantford iPhone Repairs we only use OEM quality batteries. We have found that full aftermarket batteries very often have issues either as soon as they are installed or a few days later, either dying completely or just not lasting long.

The iPhone Battery Replacement is a quick repair and is usually done within 20 minutes of the phone being dropped off.


  • Dying quickly
  • Swollen Battery(Screen sometimes will lift because of this)
  • Battery percentage jumping around
  • Phone turning off before 1% battery life
  • Phone will not turn on


  • iPhone 4/4S – Contact Us
  • iPhone 5/5C/5S – $40
  • iPhone SE – $40
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus – $50
  • iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus - $50
  • iPhone 7 - $50
  • iPhone 7 Plus - $50

This repair on any generation of iPhone comes with our 6 month warranty